Hoi An – Vietnam

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Hoi An – Vietnam


Being on the heritage road of Vietnam, Hoi An has a beauty of the little muse.

600 years have come and passed. Hoi An transformed itself from a busy trading port into a quiet place, from a melting pot of foreign merchant into a fascinating place attractive visitors who come from all over the world, from the name Faifo of a long forgotten period into the Ancient Hoi An now.

Just a little Cinderella at the banquet. Hoi An is a muse at night with thousand sparkling silk lanterns. To make it even more magical, hundreds of small paper lanterns with candles are released into the Hoai River every evening to create a river of drifting lights.

Hoi An is always beautiful in the eyes of wanderers when yellow walls succeeded yellow walls that interspersed with colorful flowers. The old houses follows the thousand- year-old pagodas; the roasted coffee shops next to the small souvenir stalls and tailors make visitors losing between the past and present. The bound

What lingers in tourists’ memory is Hoian’s street food. The taste of this town seems to live in every street store we could see along every road. It is amazing whenever the smell of Ximafu fills in your lungs, whenever the taste of Caolau culdles your early tongue and whenever drinks from Mot store satisfy your thirst.

Taking a cooking class is one of the best things you can do in here. It’s a lot of fun and great way to learn Vietnamese cuisine.

So, all things make a magical Hoi An where visitors come and never want to leave. 



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